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Standard Course (Systemic Treatment)

Initial treatment \2000~

Shiatsu/Seitai (Treatment time Approx. 50 mins)   \8,000~

Acupuncture and Moxibustion (Treatment time approx. 60 mins)   \8,000

Local and off-season discounts available. (Recommended for those who regularly visit or who require periodic treatment.)\2,000


Travel Expenses

Niseko Town, Makkari Town etc. (Neighbouring Towns)

1 way: Under 10 mins – \1,500

Over 10 mins – \1,500 every 10 minutes

For other areas, the price will depend on the travel time and the number of people.

For trips to Sapporo, Otaru etc. please get in contact with us.


Health Insurance Treatment

Osteopathic Services include; sprains, fractures, contusions and bruising, as well as internal bruising.

Health insurance treatments focus mainly in electrical stimulation therapy on the localised areas of damage. (Treatment time approx. 20mins)

The amount payable as well as taping costs etc. will depend on the terms of your insurance agreement in relation to cost coverage.

For those looking for a quicker recovery from an injury or are more concerned about overall health we recommend, in addition to the health insurance treatment, a full treatment as well to balance out. Including insurance it would come to about \3,000 ~ \6,000.

The amount payable + Taping etc. + Other expenses (We recommend acupuncture as well as fluid release therapies for faster recovery from sprains.


Acupuncture and Moxibustion

Acupuncture is covered by health insurance when dealing with the ailments listed below

A doctor’s consent form is required.

As we have already prepared a consent form, please consult with your doctor and fill out the necessary information.

  1. Neuralgia (Nerve Pain)
  2. Rheumatism (Joint Pain and Swelling)
  3. Lower Back Pain (Lumbago)
  4. Frozen Shoulder
  5. Cervicobrachial Syndrome (Pain and Numbness from the Neck to the Shoulder and Arms)
  6. Cervical Spine Injury (Whiplash etc.)
  7. Other similar ailments.

Cancellation Fees: Please be advised that time changes and cancellations, especially those without notice, may incur fees to the same amount as the treatment.

In addition, any delays may cause the treatment time to be shortened.



初診料 2,000円~

指圧・整体(施術時間約50分 ) 8,000円~

鍼灸(施術時間約60分) 8,000円(鍼代 500円程度を含む)~


地元・シーズン外割引 (2000円引き 継続的に通う人や定期的なカラダのメンテナンスを必要とする人にはお勧めです)

出張費 ニセコ町・真狩村等近隣町村 片道10分以内2000円/10~20分3000円/20分以上 所要時間10分ごとに1000円  3、その他地域 移動時間・施術人数によります。札幌・小樽、東京や大阪、海外への出張もしています。ご相談ください。


整骨の部 対象は捻挫・骨折・脱臼・打撲・挫傷


一部負担金+テーピング等の材料費 保険の自己負担割合で異なります。














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